On 23rd of October 2014, the third meeting of theJoint Programming Committee for the Operational Programme Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020 took place in Bucharest. During the meeting, the main topics addressed were related to setting out the thematic objectives for the future cooperation programme, identifying large infrastructure projects to be included within the programme and defining the eligible area of the Programme.

Within the meeting, the Joint Programming Committee approved the selection of 3 thematic objectives, while the decision on the inclusion of a fourth objective is to be taken in the following period of time.

The thematic objectives that were approved are the following:

OT2 Support for education, research, technological development and innovation

OT7 Improvement of region-based accessibility, development of sustainable transport and of communication networks and systems

OT 8 Common challenges in the field of safety and security

Also, the Joint Programming Committee analysed the list of large infrastructure projects (LIP) identified by the two parties, as the final list is to be approved in the following period.

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