The operational block of Novoselytsya District Hospital have been repaired (four operating rooms –emergencies, planning, traumatology and laparoscopic surgeries; the room for staff; sanitary and hygienic room, etc.). In particular, apart from the general repair works, there were installed the renewed sewerage networks, window and door blocks were replaced, an air decontamination and autonomous heating system are functioning, and a shadow less lamps were installed. Thus, about 82 sqm of premises were reconstructed.

Currently the procurement of the ambulance car and reanimation vehicle with the full set of modern medical equipment in underway.

Also, the project foresees series of training and informational events for increasing the level of qualification of medical personnel and awareness of the citizens on the issues of emergency situations and providing the first medical aid for the injured. In the frames of these activities, on September 16-18, 2015 the first training session has been held on the topic: “Disaster medicine – actual issues and challenges in modern conditions” with the participation of 112 persons from Ukraine (Novoselytsya and Zastavna district of Chernivtsi region), Romania and Moldova, in particular the medical workers and employees of medical departments. The training took place in Suceava (Romania), next sessions will take place in Ungheni (Republic of Moldova) and in Chernivtsi (Ukraine).

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