Eligible applicants

The following paragraphs summarize the type of entities eligible under the various measures of the CBC Ro-Ua-Md JOP.

Indicative types of potential applicants:
Priority 1: Towards a more competitive border economy
Measure 1.1 Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the region’s urban and rural areas by working across borders

Indicative applicants for this measure:

  • chambers of commerce
  • local and regional authorities
  • universities
  • other educational institutions such as business colleges
  • public entities supporting the work force (job creation centres, job exchange services etc)
  • NGOs and formally constituted business and professional associations
  • public entities in charge with promoting tourism
  • association of small local municipalities and town administrations.


Measure 1.2 Cross-border initiatives in transport, border infrastructure and energy

Indicative applicants for this measure:

  • local and regional authorities and public sector transport (rail and road) and energy agencies and public service providers
  • bodies in charge with border crossing management.


Priority 2: Environment Challenges and Emergency Preparedness
Measure 2.1 Addressing strategic cross-border environmental challenges including emergency preparedness.

Indicative applicants for this measure:

  • local and regional authorities
  • environmental agencies and agencies involved in water management and flood protection
  • NGOs
  • national parks administrations
  • universities and higher education institutes
  • emergency situations inspectorates
  • other statutory bodies involved in the development of emergency plans.


Measure 2.2 Water supply, sewerage and waste management

Indicative applicants for this measure: 

  • Local and regional authorities
  • county and regional waste management
  • waste management
  • waste water management public bodies
  • NGOs
  • NPOs.


Priority 3: People to People Co-operation
Measure 3.1 Local and regional governance, support to civil society and local communities.

Indicative applicants for this measure:

  • local and regional authorities
  • legally constituted voluntary bodies drawn from civil society and local communities
  • non-governmental organisations and associations
  • educational institutions and formally constituted women’s groups.


Measure 3.2 Educational, social and cultural exchanges.

Indicative applicants for this measure:

  • schools
  • colleges
  • universities
  • other educational institutions
  • legally constituted voluntary groups including disadvantaged groups and cultural and social organisations
  • non-profit media associations
  • professional organisations.


Technical Assistance
Both measures of the technical assistance are addressed to central and regional public authorities responsible for the implementation of the CBC Ro-Ua-Md JOP.

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