The final conference of the project “Side by Side – Tri-nodal cross-border tourism network for developing the cross-border area Galati- Cahul- Reni”, MIS ETC 2161 will take place in Galati, Romania, at the headquarter of Tourist and Leisure Centre for Youth in the Euroregion “Lower Danube”- 3E, Galati Boulevard on the 6th of November 2015.

The event will be hosted by the Lead Partner “Euro Development Association” along with the project partners, ‘Cross-Border Cooperation and European Integration Agency” of Republic of Moldova and Reny District Council of Odessa Region, Ukraine.

A series of information regarding the implementation period and achieved results of the project will be presented for the public and interested stakeholders. The conference will host guests from all 3 participating countries, Romania, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova.

For further information about the event and other project details, please follow the link below:

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