Management structures

The three states participating in the programme (Romania, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova) have designated specific entities responsible with programme implementation; these entities are:

  • Joint Monitoring Committee
  • Joint Managing Authority
  • Audit Authority
  • Joint Technical Secretariat


  • Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) The Joint Monitoring Committee consists of representatives at national, regional and local level from all three participant countries. Its role is to, supervise the programme implementation. The committee takes in particular the following decisions concerning the ... Read more
  • Joint Managing Authority (JMA) The Joint Managing Authority (JMA) is an executive body, having the overall responsibility for managing the joint operational programme, including technical assistance, and implementing the decisions taken by Joint Monitoring Committee. The JMA is responsible for ... Read more
  • Audit Authority According to the ENPI Implementing Rules and Regulation 1638/2006, the JMA is subject to an annual external ex-post audit carried out by an organisation entirely independent of the JMA. Taking into account existing practices and ... Read more
  • Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) The Joint Technical Secretariat assists the Joint Managing Authority, the Joint Monitoring Committee, in carrying out their respective duties. More specifically the role of JTS is : To hold secretariat function for the Joint Monitoring Committee ... Read more
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