Manuc Bey Mansion from Hancesti will be presented to the public after the reconstruction process. During the pre-launch event entitled “De Sântandrey la Manuc Bey” (Saint Andrew at Manuc Bey) that will be held on 13th of December 2015, starting to 12.00 p.m., the architectural complex “ManucBey” from the city of Hancesti, Republic of Moldova will be reopened to the public. The event is part of the MIS ETC Project 2173 “Development of cross-border tourism by promoting Manuc Bey Mansion, mortuary complex Elena Ioan Cuza and Blesciunov Mansion”.

The organizers of the event will present the results of the reconstruction of one of the largest mansions in Moldova, will reveal unknown details about the legendary Manuc Bey and in the evening the mansion will be illuminated in a range of colors. Visitors will also have a chance to taste Moldavian mulled wine and traditional pies.

The Hancesti Mansion represents one of the pearls of Moldavian architecture. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century by Manuc Bey Mirzaian, a diplomat and merchant of Armenian origin.Of the 10buildings that were originallyincluded inthe complex, only five have been preserved.

With funds ensured by Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova Programme the “Prince Palace”, have been rebuilt. Their reconstruction involved over 60 renovators, both from Moldova and Romania. The “Prince Palace” will host a museum as well as conference halls and training classes.

The also ensured furnishing of mansion interior with 19th century furniture completes the historical ambient and restore its former splendour. Moreover,one of the main attractions of the manor will be the underground routes that will be open for tourist.

Besides the reconstruction of the ManucBey “Prince Palace”, the projectsupports therestoration works of the Elena Cuza Mortuary Complex from Solesti Commune (Vaslui, Romania), and the modernization of the air conditioning systemat the Municipal Museum of Private CollectionsofA. V. Bleschunov(Odessa,Ukraine).


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