The Joint Monitoring Committee consists of representatives at national, regional and local level from all three participant countries. Its role is to, supervise the programme implementation.

The committee takes in particular the following decisions concerning the Joint Operational Programme:

  • it approves the work programme of the JMA;
  • it decides on the volume and allocation of the programme’s resources for technical assistance and human resources;
  • at each of its meetings, review the management decisions taken by the JMA
  • it appoints the project-selection committees for the projects;
  • it decides on the selection criteria for the projects and take the final decision on the selection;
  • at each of its meetings and on the basis of the documents submitted by the JMA, evaluates and monitors progress towards the objectives of the programme;
  • it reviews all reports (including the audit report) submitted by the JMA and, if necessary, takes appropriate measures;
  • it examines any contentious cases of recovery brought to its attention by the JMA;
  • it shall decide on the execution of evaluations of the programme, appointing independent evaluators.
  • or shifts of allocations between priority axes for improvement of the management of the programme.

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