The Joint Managing Authority (JMA) is an executive body, having the overall responsibility for managing the joint operational programme, including technical assistance, and implementing the decisions taken by Joint Monitoring Committee.
The JMA is responsible for managing and implementing the JOP, in accordance to the principle of sound financial management and the principles of efficiency and effectiveness, on behalf of the participant countries.

The responsibilities of the JMA are the following:


  • Organizing and acting as secretariat for meetings of the Joint Monitoring Committee, including drawing-up the minutes of the meetings;
  • Preparing detailed annual budgets for the programme and payment requests for the Commission ;
  • Drawing up annual operational and financial reports and sending them to the Joint Monitoring Committee and the Commission;
  • Implementing , through its internal audit service, an audit programme to check internal circuits and to ensure that the procedures are properly applied within the Joint Managing Authority ;annual internal audit reports shall be sent to the Joint Monitoring Committee and the Commission;
  • Launching , after approval by the Joint Monitoring Committee , calls for tenders and calls for proposals for the selection of projects ;
  • Receiving project applications, organizing, chairing and acting as secretariat for selection committees , and sending reports including selection committee recommendations to the Joint Monitoring Committee and the Commission;
  • Following up the selection of projects by the Joint Monitoring Committee , signing contracts for the various projects with the beneficiaries and contractors;
  • Carrying out operational follow-up and financial management of the projects
  • Immediately notifying the Joint Monitoring Committee of all contentious cases of recovery ;
  • Carrying out any environmental impact assessment studies at programme level;
  • Implementing the information and visibility plan

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